Bond Series: Should you own bonds?

Episode Description

In this episode, we discuss whether or not you should own bonds. We emphasize the importance of defining the purpose of owning bonds, which is to have predictable income and the safety of the principal. We also explain the components of bonds, including coupon, maturity, and price.

We take time to discuss the impact of money supply, inflation, the changing financial landscape, and interest rates on bond investments.

As the market ebbs and flows, the potential for losses can surge like a tide against the unprepared investor. We dive into the lessons learned from the 2022 market downturn, showcasing the pitfalls of selling bonds in a pinch and drawing an effective parallel with real estate market dynamics under rising interest rates.

Stick with us as we peel back the layers of mutual fund misconceptions and shine a light on the importance of distinguishing short-term noise from long-term investment strategies. Our discussion is a must-listen for those looking to fortify their investments against the unpredictable waves of the economy.

Lastly, we delve into the fine print that can make or break your bond investments. Just as a meticulous home inspection can save you from future headaches, understanding the intricacies of bond contracts is crucial to avoiding unnecessary losses. With a nod to #WarrenBuffetts emphasis on investment competency, we underscore the power of knowledge and careful selection.


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