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3 Costly College App Mistakes & Transferable Skills

Application Series
January 18, 2024

Join Hector Lopez and me, Kayla Record, as we shed light on the common blunders that could torpedo your college aspirations before they even set sail. We're here to arm you with the know-how to avoid redundancies, repeat performances of the same leadership spiel, and initiative statements that lack punch. Our conversation is a treasure trove of strategies to make your profile section sing with tales of personal triumphs and standout achievements.

The secret sauce in any application, whether for college or your first job, might just be your transferable skills—and we've got the recipe. Imagine acing the profile game by showcasing your VISTA: Verbal Communication, Initiative, Strong Work Ethic, Teamwork, and Analytical skills .

Our finale is a masterclass in turning application answers from mundane to magnificent, with Hector bravely serving as our guinea pig. Witness his transformation as we polish his anecdotes on leadership and volunteerism to reveal the gleaming skills beneath. And for those hungry for more, we unveil free resources that are pure gold, aiding in the quest to sidestep the application faux pas of wasted words, duplicated efforts, and nondescript initiatives. Tune in to 'Cut Throat College Admissions' for an episode that promises to equip you with a competitive edge in the fierce arena of college applications.

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