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Application Essays | The 3 Must Do's

Application Series
February 29, 2023

Ever felt like your college essay might just be another drop in the application ocean? Kayla and I will change that perception forever as we tie up our enlightening series with a toolkit of strategies designed to make your essay the beacon that guides admissions officers to your shores. We're tossing the five-paragraph essay overboard and navigating toward creating a narrative that's as unique as you are. With a professor's perspective in tow, we talk about enriching your writing with literary allusions and experiences that resonate on a deeper, more scholarly level. This episode is the compass you need to chart a course toward an application essay that's not just good, but unforgettable.

Time is an ally if you know how to enlist it—so we're arming you with temporal tactics to master essay writing without the eleventh-hour panic. Imagine feeling the satisfaction of having drafts polished and perfected well before the deadline, thanks to College Application Tracker you can feel just that. Let us show you how multiple revisions and unbiased feedback can sculpt your personal statement into a true reflection of your identity. We're closing the book on our essay series, but the journey to your dream college is just picking up speed. Join us on Cut Throat College Planning, where we'll be waiting with more savvy advice for the rest of your application voyage.

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