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Campus Tours are Interviews: The Strategy Behind a Campus Tour

Campus Tours
October 12, 2023

Be prepared to change the way you approach college tours forever! This isn't just about the college wooing your student with their best features, it's about your student interviewing the college to gauge if it's the perfect fit. Treat it as an exciting exploration where your student is the explorer. Step up at the forefront, ask insightful questions, go beyond the basic tour, and most importantly, let your student's unique personality shine.

Preparation is the name of the game! Just as any expedition requires research, equip yourselves with Google strategy, business cards, and a list of questions that will leave a lasting impression on admissions representatives. This isn't just about asking the right questions, it is also about understanding what the right and wrong answers look like, and identifying an avoided answer. Go deeper into your exploration, peek into classrooms, look for bulletin boards, and maybe even chat up a professor or two.

The journey doesn't end when the tour does. Just as an explorer would capture their experiences in a journal, it's essential to follow-up with the college. A handwritten thank-you note to everyone you meet during the tour can go a long way. Stand out from the crowd by demonstrating initiative and ensuring your application is read thoroughly. As we always say, the college admissions process is a two-way interview. So buckle up and enjoy this thrilling ride, because we're here to guide you every step of the way.

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