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College Applications | NAILING Your Application Interview

Application Series
March 14, 2024

Ever wondered what it takes to nail a college application interview? Tune in as Kayla Record and I, Hector Lopez, share crucial strategies for making a lasting impression on admissions committees. We delve into the nuances of interviews across various academic scenarios, highlighting their pivotal role in both specialist programs and competitive schools. Whether you're an artist, athlete, or aspiring Ivy Leaguer, we've got insider tips on how to showcase your best self beyond the application form.

The journey through high school to college is rarely a straight path, and we understand that. This episode is packed with advice for those navigating untraditional routes, from gap years to major switches, ensuring your unique experiences bolster rather than hinder your application. We demystify the interview process, providing actionable steps for reaching out to admissions and preparing for potential twists and turns. Our conversation is a lifeline for any student facing the uncertainty of what lies beyond the 'submit' button on their college application.

Wrapping up, we zone in on mastering the Harvard interview, but the wisdom shared transcends any single institution. Learn how to articulate your narrative and align with your dream school's culture. Our discussion is designed to transform interview anxiety into confidence, equipping you with the finesse to stand out as not just a candidate, but as a future asset to the campus community.

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