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College Applications: What You Wish You Knew

Application Series
January 4, 2024

Unlock the secrets to mastering the college application maze with our esteemed guides, Hector Lopez and Kayla Record. Through their expert lens, we illuminate the path for those venturing into the competitive arenas of theater, music, and state school applications, where every detail counts. This episode is a treasure trove of insider tips, from pinpointing the critical early deadlines to submitting standout audition tapes.

Venture further into the collegiate crossroads with us as we debate the merits of declaring a major straight out of high school gates versus embracing the journey of academic discovery. Hear how the strategic move to community college can be a financial game-changer, and why sometimes, locking in your path early can speed up your track to success. Whether you're a determined future engineer or a seeker of academic passion, this episode is your compass to making informed choices that shape your educational adventure.

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