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College Finances | All The Ways You Can Pay For College

Finance Series
May 9, 2024

Navigating the payment process for college shouldn't require a degree in finance, and this episode is your cheat sheet to owning it. We dissect the myriad of options to foot those bills—think work-study, scholarships, grants, and yes, even the road less traveled like Americorps or military service. Get the inside scoop on what funding methods are overhyped cash traps and which underdogs could be your ticket to a debt-free diploma. Our personal tales from the trenches of work-study and scholarship hunting will show you just how practical our advice can be.

Lastly, we're lifting the lid on the treasure trove of obscure scholarships just waiting to be unearthed—and how you can grab them before they slip away. We get real about loans too, mapping out strategies to keep you from being shackled by debt post-graduation. Whether it's your first foray into financial planning or you're well on your way, Hector and Kayla have the insights to boost your scholarship savvy and loan literacy. Plug in your headphones, and let's turn the page on your college funding fears!

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