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Narrowing Down College Decisions Based on Campus Tours

Campus Tours
December 7, 2023

What if one simple question could make all the difference in your college decision? This episode of Cutthroat College Planning is an essential listen for any parent or student navigating the treacherous waters of college selection. We conclude our insightful Campus Tour series with a wealth of advice on how to prepare for, experience, and evaluate a campus tour. We also dive into the critical questions that parents and students should ask themselves and each other to pinpoint the ideal college match with clarity.

In addition, we revisit the powerful "What? So What? Now What?" concept, and provide you with tools to stimulate meaningful conversations with your students about their comfort and potential pain points on campus. We also introduce an additional tool, the Campus Criteria Questionnaire, primed to help you and your student make the most informed college choice. This episode is jam-packed with insights and resources you won't want to miss! Tune in and empower yourself with the knowledge you need for successful college planning.

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