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Post-Campus Tour Checklist

Campus Tours
October 26, 2023

Get ready to master the vital actions to take after completing a campus tour, from thank you notes to comparing schools. Join hosts Hector Lopez and Kayla Record as they walk you through a meticulously curated post-tour checklist, providing crystal clear guidance on what to do after your campus tour.

In this insightful episode, we shed light on the importance of detailed research and comparison post-tour, and share our favorite resource for comparing schools effectively. Let us help you navigate the complexity of organizing what could be an overwhelming amount of information, keeping track of every detail and reflection. By the end, we promise you'll be well-equipped to handle the 'What? So What? Now What?' moments of your college planning journey. So sit back, parents and students alike, because this episode is teeming with valuable gems that will help you conquer the college planning process like a pro!

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